bright and silvery, this is the internet of Yuri Sousa Lopes Pereira.


I am a writer and an entrepreneur. Lots of other things, too. Read my bio. I care deeply about communications, the digital universe, art, music and politics - some of these topics have influenced my academic studies. I have worked in radio and media for as long as I can remember: you can check out my portfolio. Lately, I have been involved with a couple of big projects in the creative industries. I co-founded The Company,, and LIN SIN. Go read all about it here. I also work for the European Platform of Women Scientists. Bissau, Praia, Lisbon, Macau, London, Chicago, Amsterdam, Tunis, Brussels, Paris, Casablanca - these are places I have lived in, been to, and would like to see again. I am now thinking a lot about games, synthetic biology, and ethics in the 21st century. I take notes

Thank you for being here. Keep in touch.