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I am a writer. Lots of other things, too. Read my bio. I care deeply about communications, the digital universe, art, music, and politics: check out my portfolio. I run chumbo, I co-founded The Company ASBL and Boxing Lisboa. Read more about my work. Bissau, Praia, Lisboa, Macau, Hong Kong, London, Chicago, Amsterdam, Tunis, Brussels, Paris, Casablanca, Milano, Bujumbura - these are places I have lived in, been to, and would like to see again. I am now thinking a lot about games, synthetic biology, and ethics in the 21st century. I take notes.

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Yuri Sousa Lopes Pereira

Yuri Sousa Lopes Pereira was born twice, in Bissau, in 1979. He’s been moving ever since. He has many cousins, two sisters, two fathers, one mother. One love. Two daughters. Because of a strange mix-up at the embassy, he is both a Scorpio and a Sagittarius.

Growing up happened between Praia and Lisbon, books and television, music and sports. Then Macau happened, at 13. Nothing would ever be the same again. He starts working in radio at 15 and by the time he first goes to college, art and politics have taken over mind and body, impossible not to drop out. The end of the 20th century finds him travelling across Europe and beyond, writing, playing, loving, questioning everything and standing up for what felt right. He is 20 at the turn of the millennium, when the towers fall, when the global mood changes irrevocably. Looking back, he is still impressed by how much that American September affected the collective mind, and his. The road becomes less frequent, music takes on a larger role and suddenly going back to school doesn’t seem like such a bad idea, after all. Communications, an old flame, is the obvious choice. What follows is a new life, in Brussels, with new projects, new languages, new people. He learns what it means to be an adult, a professional, to be reborn.

The twenty-teens mark the beginning of what he considers to be his prime, confident that things have strangely come full circle and youthful dreams are now becoming a consistent part of reality. As always, Yuri looks out into the world with great optimism and a sense of the inevitability of a better future.

He is a happy man.

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I still work for a living.

chumbo is a creative production company.
We focus on the future of media, storytelling, advertising, community engagement and networked communication. Our methods reflect our commitment to the extraordinary and the unreal: from digital media to physical objects, from the infinity of the network to the challenging constraints of the Earth’s geography. I am the founder.

The Company ASBL

The Company ASBL is a nonprofit cultural Association, based in Brussels. It creates and supports innovative projects that have a powerful impact on local, international, and global communities. Projects involve music, literature, film, news media, entertainment, technology, and ecology. I am one of the co-founders and the Secretary-General.

Boxing Lisboa

Boxing Lisboa is a creative production brand. It produces events and media content, fostering a creative environment around the symbols and the courageous practice of Boxing. We work together with athletes, coaches, referees, and everyone who is involved in Boxing to make this legendary art a central element of Lisbon’s cultural scene.
I am the founder.

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I make stuff up.

In May 2020, I published “As coisas mais importantes do mundo” - an ancient mystic text first found in Lisbon around the turn of the century.

The illuminating absence of Donald Trump

In August 2019, I wrote “The illuminating absence of Donald Trump” - it's about one of Dave Chappelle's Netflix specials.

The illuminating absence of Donald Trump

Between June and September 2017, I curated a series of events in Lisbon called #micronetworks. They were a public conversation about the future of networked communication - focusing on the way that blockchains, cryptocurrencies, tokens and their resulting networks of interest and investment represent the beginning of a new conversation about information architectures.

In October 2016, an abridged version of my text “How to talk like a machine” was published in A MOEDA - The Publication, an e-book by
CADA. It was published by Broken Dimanche Press in Berlin. You can
download the book here.

In July 2016, I wrote a text called “How to talk like a machine”. It outlines a method for impersonating digital systems in fiction and the real world.

The Warm Winter Sun of Casablanca

In May 2016, I published the second of my web-based stories series. The story is called “The Warm winter sun of Casablanca” and is about the 2014 edition of the Festival of Resistance and Alternatives, in Morocco.

A Rua Direita

In April 2016, I started a series of web-based stories. It doesn’t have a name yet. The first one is called “A Rua Direita” and it’s about an old street in Viseu, Portugal.

In January 2016, I wrote the script for “Cellulaire”, a short film by Watna Horemans in competition at the Nikon Film Festival 2016. It’s a story about two women, connected by desire, betrayal, and technology.

July 2015
This happened.

In December 2014, my text Luz e Sangue was published in a magazine called Este Corpo que Me Ocupa, edited by the Lisbon-based cultural association Buala . The text is about the intersection of software and biology. There is a blog .

In November 2014, I began a research project about the properties and behaviors of the digital medium. It interrogated the fluidity and invisibility of media by using water as a guiding metaphor.
It was called The Water Cycle .

In July 2014, I wrote a piece called The Internet of Kings.
It’s about power, feudalism, and the emerging set of new rules governing the digital clouds.

In July 2014, I did some photography and web design work for MESAS, an urban intervention in Viseu, Portugal.
The project was a part of the Jardins Efémeros annual festival.

The strangers on my screen - Yuri Sousa Lopes Pereira

In June 2014, my radio piece The Strangers On My Screen was presented by theorist and curator Brandon LaBelle at the Errant Bodies project space, in Berlin.

Mykki Blanco in Lisbon

In May 2014, I interviewed musician and artist Mykki Blanco for Listen here.

"World Porn: global intimacy and mass self-communication

In April 2014, I wrote "World Porn: global intimacy and mass self-communication" - it's about the unforeseen and unexpected affordances of digital communication technology.

What does the internet sound like?

Between October and December 2013, I curated an open call for radio projects as part of the ECHOES programme on